Sir Ravindra Jadeja – Man of the Match in Final of ICC Champions Trophy 2013

Sir Ravindra Jadeja is Man of the Match.

Man of the Final Match : Sir Ravindra Jadeja with 33 Runs and 2 wickets.
Maximum Wicket Taker : Sir Ravindra Jadeja with 12 wickets.
Ravindra Jadeja awarded with the memento and Golden Ball for the Best wicket taker of the ICC Champions Trophy 2013.

Sir ravindra jadeja

Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Why Sir Ravindra Jadeja is Great ??

1st Match : India won by 26 runs against SA (2+6=8)
2nd Match : India won by 8 wickets against WI
3rd Match : India won by 8 wickwts against PAK
SemiFinal : India won by 8 wickets and took 35 overs to chase (3+5=8) against SL
8 Includes in every Win You know why ???
8 is Jersey no. of Ravindra Jadeja
Final Match is on 23/6/2013 –> 2 + 3 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 17  –>  1 + 7 = 8
That’s why, Sir Jadeja is Everywhere.

Sir on the Ground

Ones Sir Ravindra Jadeja smashed a ball so hard wile batting,

that the ball was broken into 2 pieces……and Heroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed……!!!!!


sir ravindra jadeja

sir ravindra jadeja

“Lalit Modi” the architect of IPL

banned Sir Ravindra Jadeja from 2010 edition ofthe IPL,
Since that edition.. Lalit modi has

been permanently banned from IPL , booked in scam cases, filed for
bankruptcy in london , deposited his
passport in court , and finally ran
away from the countryMIND IT..
Sir Ravindra Jadeja#Legend..

sir ravindra jadeja

sir ravindra jadeja

Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Obama.

Dhoni: How Famous you are…??
Sir Jadeja : Whole world knows me.
Dhoni: Obama knows u..? Give proof.
Then Sir jadeja & Dhoni go to Obama’s house.
Sir: stand here at the gate, i’ll come withObama in balcony and show u.
Dhoni: ok.
Sir jadeja comes with Obama and wavedDhoni from balcony.
After sometime, Sir jadeja bahar aye tohdekha, Dhoni behosh ho gaya, hosh me ayatoh Sir ne reason pucha..
Dhoni: Ek American aaya tha, and asked me,’WHO IS THAT MAN WITH Sir Jadeja IN BALCONY…? :0 :) :D

Respect Sir Ravindra Jadeja.

sir ravindra jadeja

sir ravindra jadeja

Respect for Sir

Respect for Sir,

Respect for Sir

Respect for Sir

Sir Ravindra Jadeja Approves

Catches win matches, not
until Sir Ravindra Jadeja
approves !!!

Sir Ravindra Jadeja Approves

Sir's Catch

Sir’s Catch

Sir Ravindra Jadeja’s Restaurant Started in Rajkot Gujarat.

See the Jaddus Food Field owned by Sir Ravindra Jadeja in Rajkot Gujarat.


The cricketer launched his own restaurant named ‘Jaddu’s Fast Field’ which will serve Punjabi, Chinese, continental and South Indian dishes.

Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja has launched his own restaurant named ‘Jaddu’s Fast Field’.

“I am not much of a foodie, but I wanted to do some business with cricket, and people in Rajkot are foodies. So, I launched my restaurant in Rajkot,” Jadeja said while inaugurating his restaurant based on a cricket theme.

The restaurant will serve Punjabi, Chinese, continental and South Indian dishes, he said.

Ravindra inaugurated his restaurant by displaying his signed cricket bat and said that in future, some Indian team members’ autographed cricket bats would also be displayed.

“The restaurant will open for people on December 12,” he said adding “the number 12 is my lucky number and I wanted to make it open to the people on 12-12-12″.

Asked why he selected Rajkot, he said he had a special attachment to the city.

He also expressed a desire to launch a cricket academy in the future.

Jadeja was recently selected for the national team to play the fourth and final test match against England starting from December 13 at Nagpur.

The ethnic-looking restaurant, called Jaddu’s Food Field, is on the plush Kalawad Road of the city. Spacious and tastefully decorated, it is dominated by cricketing theme. The entrance, the walls, the roof, the tables and many other things besides make you feel that you are surrounded by cricket culture of sorts.

Sir Ravindra Jadeja's Restaurent

sir ravindra jadeja